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Admissions Policy

Full details of the Worcestershire Local Authority's standard admissions policy & procedures are available from Worcestershire School Admissions

  • Places are offered to pupils from the beginning of the academic year in which they are five. There are part-time attendance arrangements during the Autumn term for children who are five after 30 April. These children will attend mornings only until half term and then full time after half term if the staff and parents agree this is in the best interests of these very young children. Parents may opt to defer the full time option until the start of the Spring Term.

  • Out of area applications are welcome but can only be considered after priority has been given to children from within the school's catchment area. The Worcestershire County Council Admissions Policy is explained in the Information for Parents Book which is printed each year and issued to parents with application forms.

  • Parents are encouraged to visit our school prior to applying for a place for their child. We are always pleased to discuss the ethos and facilities of the school and explain the curriculum we offer. If you wish to look round the school please telephone to make an appointment with the Headteacher.

  • If you decide you would like your child to become a pupil at our school, you will need to ring up and give your child's details so that they can be recorded in our Admissions Register. Parents are informed by the Local Authority whether or not they have been successful.

For any enquiries the address of the County Education Department is as follows:-

Mr Nick Gunter
Pupil Admissions and Transfers Section
Children's Services
PO Box 73

Tel: 01905 678205

We make every effort to accommodate those parents who wish their children to attend our school. However, places are not always available, depending on the number of applications.

During the term before they start school, there will be an Induction Evening for parents and the children will have the opportunity to spend some time in the class they will be joining. They can get to know the class teacher and the other children.

At this time the class teacher responsible for Early Years will make an appointment to come and visit you and your child at home in their own familiar setting. This gives you and your child's teacher time to discuss your child's achievements and interests and also share any concerns you may have.

You will receive two activity books to complete with your child in preparation for school. Forms dealing with administrative details will also be given to you at this time.

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