Frequently Asked Questions

What does the school day look like?

School begins at 8:55 AM and ends a 3 PM. Lunch is around 12 noon until 1PM. There is a morning break which is usually 10:30 AM.

My child has special educational needs, how will you support them?
Additional information is available here.
Where can we purchase Lickey End First School Uniform?

There are places to buy uniform and related supplies both locally and online.

School Days of Bromsgrove

The Locker Room in Barnt Green

My child has been allocated Pupil Premium, what's your local offer?

Additional information is available here.

How can I help out in and around school?

In the first instance we recommend having a discussion with a member of the Parents & Friends Association, or contact the school office.

What exactly is a School Governor and what do they do?

Additional information is available on the Governing Body page.

What sort of clubs and extra-curricular activities go on?

Additional information is available here.

Can we take our child/children out of school for a family holiday?

The short answer is probably not, but please check our policy on this here.

How are you spending additional PE Sports Grant funding?

Additional information is available here.

Are school meals free?

Children in Reception, Year 1 & year 2 will normally be entitled to a hot school dinner free of charge, find out more here.

Do you have a charging policy?

Yes we do, please check our policy below.

What's the best way to feedback to school?

We really value your opinions and thank you kindly for your responses to our end of year questionnaires. you can also feedback directly to the Headteacher at any time. We would be very grateful if you could also complete the questionnaire at OFSTED Parent View

How do I raise concerns or make a complaint?

Please see our complaints policy below.

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