Definition of learning

At Lickey End First School learning is building knowledge and skills and making connections that are applicable to real life.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum at Lickey End First School aims to motivate and interest all our pupils, no matter what their background, and to inspire them to love coming to school! Our vision is to create a stimulating learning environment for the children in partnership with Parents/ Carers/ families and the wider community by offering a curriculum which is broad and balanced and builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points. As they progress through each Key Stage we aim to offer varied and challenging learning experiences in order to help pupils develop lively, inquiring minds, to be creative and to expand their intellectual capacities.

This year we are breathing new life into our curriculum. Through redesigning the structure and ensuring progression both educationally and chronologically, we are designing a coherent, progressive curriculum, incorporating each and every subject for all children during their time at our school.

A curriculum;

  • where all our children can learn without limits and expand their horizons.
  • where the children learn to store new information and make inferences and discoveries, by connecting to existing stored knowledge.
  • that gives all our children skills and knowledge as they cannot evaluate something they do not know anything about and they also cannot come up with new ideas without building on existing ones.

To enable us to draw this all together we need to ensure our curriculum allows children to make progress both in year and across years, and that National Curriculum objectives and skills will be covered thoroughly through each child’s time at the school. This is a process we are currently working on and as our curriculum develops our documents will be uploaded. Please revisit us to see how we are progressing!

Our redesigned 2021-22 Curriculum so far...

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